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Yo, Yo; Tomatillo

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I am a salsa girl. I always have been and always will be. With my favorite go to cuisine being Mexican; my deep rooted love for TACOS- a salsa can make or break a meal.

When we moved to the farm with inaugural year of planting naturally I being the saucy-salsa girl decided to throw in 8 different types of peppers to experiment with. with the objective…

I needed to do was master my grandmothers salsa recipes. The types of salsa that they made was very much like their personalities-

  1. My Nana, Lola: Very similar to a ranchero salsa- stewed tomatoes accented with punch packing signature latin American herbs and habanero peppers

  2. My Grandma, Adel: Traditional Green salsa. Full flavored tomatillos, heavy garlic and cilantro- accented with Jalapeño

Both Spicy and wonderful Women; just like their salsas.

(As I am still working on mastery of my nana’s salsa- which will have to wait until I see my sister and my uncle over the holidays to ensure that the flavors are just right.)

So today; I will share with you my Grandma Adel’s recipe. This tomatillo (green) salsa as it has grown to be my favorite this summer due to its versatility. We ate, canned gave away so much tomatillo salsa this year and I still haven’t had enough.


About Tomatillos:

When we started our garden we did minimal research on how to grow. To our mistake underestimated the easiness of Tomatillos; we gave them a tiny plot and they grew so healthy and full. They grow quickly and take little maintenance- in the summer months the plants start fruiting in under two months.

I highly recommend trellising to keep them from outgrowing their companion plants in their plots. With will also ensure ease of harvesting .

Our wild Trellised Tomatillos

Tomatillos (Physalis ixocarpa) grows like a tomato but the fruit has a loose, papery husk called a calyx that forms first.  The fruit swells inside the husk and is ready to harvest about the time it breaks through the husk or just before. We try to pick when the fruit has filled out to the edges of the husk.

Oh you so healthy… These yummy flavorful pepper fruits have tremendous health benefits.

These full flavored beauties

  1. Aids digestion: preventative for gas, bloating & water retention. Due to the fiber it smooths digestion.

  2. Diabetes control: assists in breaking down carbohydrates

  3. cancer-preventative: High in antioxidants. With nutritional compounds and vitamins that can combat oral and lung cancer

  4. immune support: high in vitamin c which can jumpstart the immune system

  5. energy boost: helps channel energy through breakdown of complex compounds due to niacin

  6. Lowers blood pressure: due to the high amounts of potassium and healthy sodium it benefits the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure

Now to the good stuff…

My Grandma Adel’s Yo, yo Tomatillo recipe: Bust out your chips its about to be a party

I make this salsa in my magic bullet to ensure serving size is fresh; however you can do this in any size food processor by sequencing the recipe:

The goodies

  1. 10 -fresh tomatillo peppers

  2. 1 -fresh jalapeño (seed if you do not like spicy, I keep my seeds)

  3. 1 -cup of cilantro

  4. 1 -teaspoon coarse salt (or to taste)

  5. 5 -cloves of fresh garlic

  6. optional: 1- lime (freshly squeezed) ** best if planning to store or can the acidity in the lime juice helps with preservation

  • Place everything tomatillos in food processor (if in magic bullet- do tomatillos first and then add in the rest of the ingredients

  • Process to a saucy consistency

  • ENJOY!

The finished product

You do not have to stop here this absolutely wonderful tomatillo salsa is awesome on tacos or for the sauce base in enchiladas. But for a completely different twist add an avocado for a creamy treat.




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