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The mission of Loveland Farm is to connect to nature. We have a deep rooted passion cultivate healthy crops and farmland but also to partner with our local communities to be environmental stewards.  By farming, cooking, caring for animals, exploring wilderness and this historical land, we strive to not just farm but to share our passions with people of all ages to see the connection between their own health, a healthy food system and a healthy environment.

Our family strives to foster community.

4995 Buffalo Road, Buchanan, MI 49107   |   650-520-1852   |

flowers in garden

At Loveland Farms our flowers, herbs, and vegetables are all organically grown.  We harvest to create specialty products we love.  The recipes that we use stem from generations of our family or are dear to one of our close friends.  We make these with the hope that you love them as much as we do.

Loveland farms has a community near and far and we want to be able to share the things we love and create with you. Whether it is a recipe or product that we love or the chronicles of our farming adventures.  We want to share this with you.

goat milk soap
special event curation

We love the collaboration on community learning and highlighting our passion for flowers. Allowing us a forum to build networks of mutual support in a festive atmosphere.

"My family loves the bath products they are amazing!"

-Ray B, New York

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